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In this article, you will get to about the Easiest Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi. But let’s start with the basic introduction of the Traditional Recipe Of South India.

Let’s plunge into the Dish.

About Sambar: Traditional Recipe Of South India

Basically, Sambar is a traditional recipe of South India especially of Tamil Nadu, Sambar Main Ingredients, itself tells its story that Where the Sambar belongs to.

If you hear, Food experts and Food historians then you will get to know Sambar is there for a very long time in Food History. Some say that this dish is around 4 hundred 💯  years old, which means something around the 17th century.

Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi

And Why is the Sambar recipe so popular in the World? Because of its versatility and taste.

Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi: Ingredients 

If you want to Learn Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi. Here are Sambar Masala Ingredients.

As Mentioned Below:-

Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi

What you have to do is to bring some fresh vegetables

  • लौकी( Bottle Gourd ) 
  • कद्दू (Pumpkin) 
  • आलू (Potato),  
  • टमाटर (Tomatoes),  
  • शिमला मिर्च (Capsicum) 
  • बैंगन (Brinjal) 
  • भिंडी (Lady Finger), 
  • प्याज (Onion), 
  • अदरक (Ginger), 
  • लहसून (Garlic)
  • Red Chili.
  • Dhania seeds
  • Saunf,
  • Methi,
  • Jeera,
  • Rai. 
  • Olive Oil
  • Kari Patta

Let’s Start Making Sambhar

You can choose veggies according to your taste and desire. By choosing the veggies as your desire is not going to Change the Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi.

Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi

In Nisha Madhulika Sambar Recipe you use the same ingredients as you are watching here. 

There are a few things which when you will change, then you will get better taste and better results and you will learn How To Make Idli Sambar.

Sambar Banane Ki Vidhi: Main Course

When You collect the vegetables as per the above-mentioned you can make Masala, for this you take some Dhania seeds, Saunf, Methi, Jeera, Rai roast them all together. Hold them until they reach normal temperature.😎

How To Prepare Idli & Sambhar

Take the mixture of Urad Dal and Chawal(Rice) soaked with water for at least 8 hours and then Ground it in a mixing jar including 2 pinches of soda and 1 pinch of baking powder.

So that Idli ghol could be fermented properly if you don’t want to add baking powder You can skip but rest the ghol in that case for more 2 to 3 hours.

So that the ghol could be tender And could be porous properly Now come to the Vegetables.

After washing properly get them half-boiled on one side and get the arhar dal cooked on the other side then mix them both dal and vegetables. By this process, you will get an awesome taste.

Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi

Sambar Main Ingredients you got at you homemade itself aroma of which is so amazing 👏

You will never say to anybody How to make South Indian Sambar. Now take some 🌰 Tomato 🍅 red Chili 🌶  jalapeño ginger and garlic grind them all together in mixie after blending roast / sauteed with  olive 🫒 oil 🛢,

Upto when it leaves the oil and cooked 🍳 properly.

Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi

Your gravy is ready to mix with the mixture of dal and vegetables.

Cook them for 15 minutes then give them tadka of 2 to 3 red Chili rai and kari patta to get the ultimate taste. this magnificent dish too. Your kids who are waiting for Sambar to taste.

Benefits Of Sambar

Mainly variety of vitamins carbohydrate and protein prachur matra mein mil jata hai

Bacche adhiktar sabji khane mein bahut nakhre karte hain.

Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi

In this way…

Aap sambar ko aur bhi tasty bana kar apne bachon ko khila sakte hain.

If you are still struggling to make this with the Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi then you can check out to my YouTube Video Which is About Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi.

Final Words

So Friends this is all about the sambar.

How did you like this recipe tell your experience in the comment section? Also if you have any queries regarding the Sambhar Banane ki Vidhi feel free to ask any time.

I will really be happy to make your confusion out.

Sambhar Banane Ki Vidhi

Sambar banane ki vidhi mein ek baat ka dhyan jarur fakhein ki apne masale bilkul bareek na karein usse sambar ka taste bahut hi tangy aayega

Aur aapke parivar ke log ungliyan chatte reh jayenge.

Ye Recipe vaise to Tamilnadu ki mani jati hai lekin isko pure.

Bharat aur videshon mein bhi khoob pasand kiya jata hai kyonki isme sabhi prakar ki sabziyon ke mishran ke sath sath dal ke bhi paushtik tatva.

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