Chiles en Nogada Puebla The Super Fantabulous Dish Of 2021

🌶️ Chiles en Nogada Puebla is the Popular Mexican Food especially on the occasion of the celebration 🍾 of  Chiles en Nogada CDMX is a dish that is made and served in Central Mexico in the month of August and 1st half of September.

As far as The ingredients are concerned Traditional Mexican Food Culture is meant for something spicy.

About Chiles en Nogada

Genuinely speaking, I never miss any moment of celebrations, if chiles en nogada is served before me in the festival or I get any chance to talk about this beautiful dish.

Chiles en Nogada Puebla is actually the Most Famous Mexican dish of poblano chiles and is not difficult to make but requires attention while it is being prepared but when it comes prepared anyone can be fascinated with its beautifulness.

Chiles en nogada actually resembles Traditional Mexican Food Culture and hence may be called as Authentic Mexican Dish

Which when prepared especially in September…

Always resembles the tricolor of the Mexican Flag.

So friends. This is the right time to see this article about Chile en nogada Because we are here in the same frame now. 

Ingredients For chiles en nogada

So Friends Let us take a look at.. Ingredients of Chiles en nogada puebla

Chiles en nogada is basically made with poblano chiles stuffed with picadillo which usually consists of panochera apple, sweet milk pear and criollo peach.

Pomegranate Seeds, Parsley and Nogada, The Shredded Meat 🍖, Cream Sauce, Spices and Fruits.

Chiles en Nogada Puebla

The cream sauce generally contains milk, cream, fresh cheese, sherry and walnut.

These all ingredients altogether make this dish amazing

So, where the chiles en nogada ingredients, Chiles en nogada Vegetarian can also be made.

If you would ask, I will definitely share an article as ‘chiles en nogada Vegetarian.

Topping On chiles en Nogada

Before, Topping, get Shredded Meat 🍖, Spices and fruits, stuffed 

And then top with pomegranate seeds that make this dish beautiful. 

And the texture of Chiles en Nogada Puebla is so mesmerizing that after eating a bite of chiles en nogada you can not stop yourself from taking it more and more repeatedly…I am telling you, friends.

Parsley and Nogada, which is basically a walnut cream sauce that makes its taste awesome. 

Chiles en nogada Puebla is topped, or actually 

 bathed with an abundance of nogada (Walnut cream sauce),

Garnished with parsley and pomegranate seeds, the shredded meat as the stuff is named…

Chiles en Nogada Puebla


Generally, Chiles en Nogada Puebla is not being refrigerated and is served at room temperature.

This Traditional Chiles en Nogada CDMXis the dish which is made generally on the Mexican Independence Day Of Celebration held on 16 September.

I know you all waiting ✋this festival and Chiles en Nogada CDMX, eagerly. Time for which has already been started for counting down.

Chiles en Nogada Puebla: History 

Independence Day Of Mexico in September month. In fact, Mexico was officially dubbed as the Mexican United States in 1821.

Chiles en Nogada CDMX and Chiles en nogada Vegetarian are the Popular Mexican Food

Chiles en Nogada Puebla

In Fact, the name nogada is established because of walnuts only.. As it stands for the walnut tree in Spanish

Chiles en nogada Puebla is the dish among one of the best, and Traditional Popular Authentic Mexican Dishes made primarily on the occasion of the Mexican Independence Day Celebration

And its stuffing of poblano chiles with picadillo containing shredded meat aroma and garnishing of fruits and Spices is something of a Wow…

Traditional & Cultural Values

And because It is topped with a walnut based Creamy sauce nogada, pomegranate seeds and…😋

In August and half of September, especially in Central Mexico,

This is the dish of celebration, When pomegranates appear in the regional markets which, when and where made, makes its own presence and praise because of its Beauty And Taste.

Chiles en Nogada Puebla

As the Festival Of Independence begins, now The colors of this dish, Green chilies | White Sauce And Red Pomegranate tells the story of its Patriotic Association With the occasion. Because the Flag of Mexico has the same tri-color. 

Final Words

Traditional Mexican Food Culture and Mexican Festival of Independence. Chiles en Nogada Puebla is topped, in fact, bathed with an abundance of nogada (Walnut cream sauce),

Garnished with parsley and pomegranate seeds, the shredded meat as stuff is named…


(Which is actually a mixture of different fruits, spices),

Essences and of course shredded meat too.

This is the Best Mexican Dish to make being a Festive Dish, cooked especially in August and September month while Celebrating The Independence Day of Mexico.( Festive Dish Of Mexico)

Colors of Chiles en Nogada CDMX recipe resembles with the colors of  Mexican Flag,

Green, White and Red. 

So Friends This is all about Chiles en nogada If you have any query please feel free to make a comment in the comment section.

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