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Hola es Amita aquí, buen día a todos.

Mexico, having a long journey of Popularity in Holiday Enjoying sun-seekers, and those, who love food. 

Best Mexican Dishes Names which are best known to everybody, 

  • Chilaquiles
  • Pozole
  • Tacos al pastor
  • chiles en nogada and
  • Elote 

I feel lucky whenever get a chance to eat these BEST MEXICAN DISHES I know your mind must be running with curiosity like, what these Mexican Street Food Recipes, would be having the taste.

Best Mexican Dishes


Chilaquiles is the Best Authentic Mexican Food and the word chilaquiles is derived from an ancient word in the Aztec, means :

Chilies and Greens.

Chilaquiles is basically a Mexican breakfast dish, we take this at the beginning of our day to make ourselves fresh all over the day with its yummy and fantabulous taste.

Best Authentic Mexican Food is the most prominent and traditional dish in breakfast and is actually made of corn tortillas strips or pieces sauteed with green and red sauce

With the topping of cheese, cream and chopped onion, fried lightly and garnished with red or green sauce or salsa as per taste.

Then added with meshed or fried eggs or with shredded chicken, for topping and of course some cream, cheese on it too.

Chilaquiles taste miraculous ! ! Because of their ingredients: Melty Cheese, Fried Chips, Tangy Sauce and Pickle with Spicy Radish and to Balance all these, We add Sour Cream with Herbaceous Cilantro.

This Mexican dish is placed among top recipes with its awesome taste and flavor in the minds of Food Lovers.


Mexican pozole Rojo de Puerco: This Mexican recipe is a mouth-watering recipe, Pozole is basically a traditional Mexican soup, full of loving flavors, and it is enjoyed through generations, consumed all around the year. Pozole is the favorite meal for many.

And is the great space in chilled winter season when the cold is on and the due to cold the body is off anyone need what is the great and delicious  Mexican pozole soup to warm himself.

It is really hard to say that the people enjoy pozole throughout the year in large volume but I can say that This Mexican Pozole is the favorite recipe of Holidays especially. You have it at your home itself and tell me how do you feel about this Mexican dish.

If you love Mexican food culture, definitely, this Mexican dish will bother you to search for more Best Authentic Mexican Food.

Tacos al pastor

If we talk about the authentic Mexican dishes Or Mexican food names it is inevitable that Tacos al pastor won’t come in discussions which are also named Al pastor This is the Best Authentic Mexican Food to make in fact Tacos Al Pastor is typically a pork-based dish and marinated chilies spices and (Annnas) piña.

Wherefrom the name derived is also very interesting in one of the traditions they brought the technique of roasting meat vertically as the time passed Mexican herdsmen adopted this and started preparing marinated pork on vertical spits and as the time passed finally it is known as al pastor which Actually Symbolises Shepherd Style.

By the way, Beef Taco Recipe is something we all must try at least once whenever we visit Mexico and think about Best Authentic Mexican Food.

Chiles en nogada

Chiles en nogada Puebla is actually a Mexican dish of poblano chiles and is not difficult to make but requires attention while is being prepared but when it comes prepared anyone can be fascinated with its beautifulness.

Chiles en nogada actually resembles Mexican food culture and hence may be called as the Best Authentic Mexican Food which when prepared especially in September month always resembles.

Mexican food culture and Mexican Festival of Independence Chiles en nogada is topped, in fact, bathed with the abundance of nogada (Walnut cream sauce), garnished with parsley and pomegranate seeds, having the shredded meat as stuff, named picadillo (which is actually a mixture of different fruits, spices), essences and of course shredded meat.

This is the Best Authentic Mexican Food to make being a festive dish made in September month especially while celebrating Independence Day. The colors of Chiles en Nogada resemble the colors of Mexican Flag, Green, White and Red.


Elote is a grilled Mexican street corn Dish and you can try another Best Authentic Mexican Food too.

Mexican street food recipe is fully fitted in the frame of Traditional Mexican food culture History.

And is very easy to prepare at home. I personally like this Mexican dish very much because I feel, it smells like a Mexican food culture what more. Anybody can love, its way to prepare which I would say fantabulous. 

The charred kernels and the tangy sauce really make its taste awesome that anybody may be deeply satisfied.

And also differentiate Elote taste from our Everyday corn-on-cob taste.

Elote is a scoop of canned corn with yummy yellowish sauce in it with some chilli powder and cheese. After mixing them altogether nobody can stop himself from eating Elote.

And as for as sauce is concerned. Elote sauce is basically a blend of cotija cheese, mayo chili powder, cilantro and garlic to enhance the taste with an added lemon makes this Mexican Street food dish The Crown of all dishes.

Btw the list is ending now, you still remember we were talking about the Best Authentic Mexican Food and see you just watched them all.

Final Words

These were the Best Authentic Mexican Food So, you can try them all whenever you visit Mexico. And some of them are the Best Mexican Dishes as well.

You must be knowing 16th September is the Grito de Dolores (Mexico’s Independence Day) and go through the Chiles en nogada which is the Festive Dish of Mexico.

Well, there are so many other Best Authentic Mexican Food but I’ve only mentioned the most prominent ones.

Do you know about Traditional Mexican Food History Its roots lie in Mesoamerican cuisine? Read The Full Info Here: Click Here

So, now I’m ending my article, I hope you found it quite helpful if YES then do comment below about anything you wanna know or you wanna tell.

Go Eat Them all and join Mexican Food Culture.


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